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Top Car Care Tips Before Winter Arrives in Australia

Wednesday, 5 July 2017 6:39:32 PM Australia/Sydney

Winters are not meant for poorly maintained vehicles and the car owners in warmer zones need to consider some factors as the winter approaches. There is no doubt about the fact that regular maintenance of your car considerably improves the mileage, reduces pollution and brings to notice the minor problems before they become major. 

With winter arriving in the coming months, this is a great time to ensure that your car gets the required attention with a check-up. Having a pre-winter visit to the mechanic would ensure that the car is efficiently prepared for the colder temperatures. Car Tyres & You specialises in a range of car service and repairs. We are experts in wheel balancing, wheel alignment, suspension, suspension repairs & maintenance, diagnosing brake problems and nitrogen tyre inflation. 

Our car experts recommend the following car care tips before winter arrives. 

(1.) Get the Battery Checked : Colder temperatures drain the battery of almost 50% of its power. It is ideal to get your car’s battery checked so that you are not stranded in the cold with a dead battery. 

(2.) Check if the Tyres are in a good condition: Air pressure and tyre tread are the most important elements to consider during the winter. This is to avoid under inflated tyres and to ensure a better grip on the snow. Moreover, always have a spare and the jack ready, when you are out on the roads during winter.

(3.) Keep the Wiper Blades, Heater and Defroster in working condition: The HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system works for the comfort of the passengers, to keep the car warm and the windows clear of the frost. Getting them checked is a great advantage.

(4.) Brake Maintenance: The Brake system has several parts which need proper maintenance, especially the brake fluid and the pads which are the most critical for the operation of the brakes. A professional mechanic would ensure that the brake pads are not excessively worn and brake fluid is at the required level.

(5.) Check car’s exterior and basic supplies: It is preferred to give your car a good coat of wax on the exterior surface for effective protection. Additionally, ensure that your car always carries a good quality ice scraper, snow brush, windshield washer fluid, a shovel & a bag of sand for traction.

For all the services related to the winter maintenance for your car, consult Car Tyres & You at (03) 9572 2144/(03) 93367744/(03) 8560 3266. We firmly believe in a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Monday, 2 May 2016 1:08:05 PM Australia/Sydney

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Buy Locally At Online Prices

Tuesday, 29 March 2016 12:50:34 PM Australia/Sydney

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It is so effortless to purchase anything on the internet, even Tyres for Car. At Car Tyres & You, you can buy tyres online at local prices with same day fitment service.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 3:05:03 PM Australia/Sydney

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