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4 fun ways to transform your car

Friday, 12 July 2013 8:23:13 PM Australia/Sydney

It's also something that people can make their own. There are more ways that you can personalise and have fun with your car than you think. It's not all about adding huge car tyres with studded out rims and mags, you just have to get creative.


Transform your car boot

Do you have a hatchback car? If so, then you are perfectly positioned to turn the boot of your car into a relaxing oasis.

Take a drive somewhere pretty with some friends or a partner. Pack a picnic, some blankets and cushions, music and maybe even bring a laptop and some of your favourite movies.

Once you get to your location, unpack your boot. Push the back seats forward if you can so that you have as much space as possible. Then make it comfortable!

Place your cushions and blankets down and get snuggled up with some food and beverages. Check out the view, watch your movie or just chill out in your own cosy room with a view. This is perfect for the upcoming summer season. Drive to a beach or a lake and transform your boot from functional to fabulous.


Have fun with fabric

If you love to sew, then why not whip up some custom gears for your ride? Personalise your steering wheel with a fabric in your favourite colour or pattern.

Expert sewers might want to go the whole nine yards and come up with a range of seat covers and floors to really give their car its own individual style.

Seatbelt covers are another great idea. It can be as simple as securing a ribbon around the belt or encasing the whole thing in a great design.


Decorate the outside

Have you ever seen cars driving around with antlers on them at Christmas time? Well this kind of accessory isn't just limited to the silly season.

One of our favourite exterior car accessories is false eyelashes. These go above your car's front headlights, making the lights look like eyes with luscious lashes.

Decals are also becoming popular for cars. A decal is a transfer, usually made of a kind of plastic or paper that can stick onto a surface.

Some great decals include a moustache on your bonnet, a floral pattern, paw prints, or for those who'd like something a bit more tough, how about some fiery flames or lightening bolts?


Enhance your storage capabilities

There are more places to store things in your car than in your glove box or in the boot. With a few little tricks you can create all sorts of nooks and crannies in your vehicle.

First of all, you can actually turn your sun visor into a little pocket for notes and documents, your cell phone or a spare lipstick or two. Head to a stationary store to find a slim document wallet, folder or pencil case that's the rough shape and size of your car's visor and has some pockets on the outside.

You can then strap this to the back of your visor and slip a few accessories in there to store as you drive, or to keep there in case of an emergency. It might be an idea to buy another lippy in your favourite colour so you can keep it there at all times!

There's no doubt that cars can get a bit messy with bits of rubbish, especially if you eat on-the-go, go get a plastic cereal box-shaped container and line it with a plastic bag. Pop this at the foot of the front passenger seat and you have a handy rubbish bin.

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