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Buying cheap tyres online without compromising quality!

Thursday, 17 April 2014 3:41:04 PM Australia/Sydney

Saving a little money on a purchase is what we all aim for however, while doing so, we never wish to compromise quality. The same thing goes when purchasing car tyres.


When you buy tyres online, you certainly can find some good discounts advertised but often when you factor in freight, fitting and used tyre disposal, the savings are not as big as you thought. But with so many options available, choosing the best among the lot turns out to be a difficult task.


When purchasing tyres, cost is often the primary factor in a lot of people’s decisions. However the old adage of you get what you pay for is certainly true when selecting tyres. A genuine cheap price on a quality product is rare and there is another factor to watch out for – Parallel Imports.


Parallel imports are tyres that are imported through channels that are not authorised by the manufacturer. These tyres are often surplus tyres that have been produced for a different country and are not designed for Australian conditions and are not deemed technically suitable for Australian conditions. This in turn means that the manufacturer will not provide any warranty on the product as it was not produced to meet Australia’s standards.


How to buy tyres online?

There are many pitfalls to buying online including buying a tyre that is not recommended for your vehicle. The safest way to avoid this pitfall is to buy online tyres from the same dealer who is going to fit them. If you select your tyres online and have them fitted by the same company you purchased from, you will avoid extra freight and fitment charges associated with having to return the wrong tyres and get the right ones.


Never fall for lucrative offers blindly

The world of online shopping is full of attractive deals and offers that tend to tempt one in buying bargain priced products. Though these offers seem very cheap, they come at the cost of quality which is certainly not a good thing. When you buy tyres online, just don’t go with the cheapest deal, remember that freight and fitting costs will still apply. Check the details thoroughly, compare the prices and other features on other online sites too and once you feel the product meets all the standards of quality; book it without any delay. Remember, buying tyres online from the store that stocks and fits them usually means not having to pay freight and often the price includes fitting and tyre disposal.


You can always buy cheap without having to do away with quality; the only thing you have to do from your end is make sure you a purchasing a tyre designed for Australian conditions!

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