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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 5:00:57 PM Australia/Sydney

Tyres are fundamental for grip between the car and the road. Good tyres can inevitably improve steering, handling, acceleration and braking while driving. Tyres ensure that the modifications made in the car are used till maximum performance. But, the wide range of tyres designs, technology and brands available in the automobile market can make the tyre purchasing experience really exhausting for the buyers. Here, we explain the essentials of choosing the right tyres without getting technically confused.

Do you really need to buy new tyres? How long a tyre would last is determined by design, usage, driving habits, climate, road conditions and maintenance efforts.  After 5 years, the tyres conditions should be kept under check to determine if you need to buy new tyres after expert advice.

Size of your tyres : This is determined by the rim size (for quality and comfort) and tread width (for grippiness) of the tyre.

Sidewall Height : This factor keeps the overall diameter of the tyre as possibly close to the original tyres. This ensures the required ground clearance.

Tread Pattern : It has a major effect on the wet weather performance of the tyres and also the noise being produced by the tyre-road traction.

Rubber Compound : Most important to determine traction and treadwear characteristics of the tyres.

Overall Quality : Ranging from the manufacturer warranty being provided, date of manufacture to added technologies - there is a lot to consider before buying new tyres.

After you have made the right choice for the perfect tyre, it is important that you also know about the maintenance to keep them in safe conditions for a longer time. Car Tyres & You has the largest online collection of car tyres. With major brands on sale, we give quality assurance and great driving experience!

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