What are the most common problems occur in tyres You should aware of?

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 8:24:13 PM Australia/Sydney

Most drivers have experienced issues like flat tyres while on the road. These unfortunate situations leave us with a sulking feeling about not paying attention to the tyres before taking the vehicle out. Depending on the atmosphere, the terrain or the roads being driven on, the tyres experience blowouts which can even jeopardise the safety of the driver/occupants. Ironically, there is no other definite way to prevent common tyre problems than routine maintenance. Visiting a certified mechanic once a month can immensely reduce the chances of tyre-related issues and inconveniences.




  • (1) Over inflation
  • (2) Under inflation
  • (3) Misalignment
  • (4) Spotty wear






  • (1) Bead damage
  • (2) Cuts or bruises
  • (3) Hard driving
  • (4) Bent wheels







  • (1) Tyre conicity
  • (2) Vibration
  • (3) Tyre noise
  • (4) Imbalance or wobbling
  • (5) Vandalism
  • (6) Road hazards


There are several reasons for a tyre to show damage and cause inconvenience. It is highly important for the drivers or mechanics to be vigilant about car safety and maintenance. If you have experienced a flat tyre and looking for a professional help in tyre repair and replacement, call the friendly team at Car Tyres & You. We are your own local car service centre and ready to help!
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