Fuel Consumption: Tips to Save Fuel When Driving

Friday, 15 September 2017 4:41:03 PM Australia/Sydney

The way you drive and the condition of the car determines the amount you need to run your vehicle. Nonetheless, every car owner needs a fuel efficient car and wants to save some money being spent on rising petrol prices. Focus on the following simple tips from Car Tyres & You and free up your cash for other important things.

DRIVE IN THE CORRECT GEAR: There is a lot spoken about which gear to use and where. But, driving your car in the gear lower than required wastes a considerable amount of fuel. It also makes the engine labour more than required, leading to component damage in many cases. If you are using a manual model, prefer to change gears as soon as the car gathers momentum, but without accelerating unnecessarily harder.

AVOID IDLING: Warming up the vehicle is not necessary for more than 30 seconds. Idling the car to heat it up or letting the interior of the car cool down is simply wasting fuel. Switching off the engine even for a short period of time saves a considerable amount of fuel.

DRIVE SLOW. DON’T SPEED: For speeds between 90 km/h and above, the car uses approximately 25 % more fuel than it uses at lower speeds. If your car has cruise control, always use it during driving on highways to maintain a constant speed and save fuel.

CHECK YOUR TYRE PRESSURES REGULARLY: Lower tyre pressure equals more fuel consumption. Keeping the tyres efficiently inflated and following the car’s maintenance schedule will always help in safety and saving money being spent on fuel due to fuel inefficiency.

HANDLE YOUR BRAKES WITH CARE: Sometimes, slamming on the brakes is the only choice to avoid accidents. In routine use, avoid slamming your brakes to conserve fuel. This habit also puts less pressure on the brakes and tyres, spearing you off the expensive repairs and replacements.

AVOID DRIVING DURING THE RUSH HOURS: Driving in heavy traffic is the worst decision to make if you are looking for good fuel economy. There is a lot of fuel spent in stopping, starting, putting your car in the first gear and moving again. Under such conditions, you can move at a steady slow speed, avoiding to accelerate and unnecessarily applying the brakes.

MINIMISE THE USE OF YOUR CAR: If you want to believe in the sustainability of resources (your own or natural), adopt a healthy lifestyle and planned trips. Using fuel efficient hybrid vehicles are also an option for people who want to reduce the pollution being emitted from their cars.

Above all, keep your car in great working condition with regular car maintenance regime. Hire the best mechanics at Car Tyres & You and make your car highly fuel-efficient. For appointments and to schedule log book services, call us on (03) 9572 2144/(03) 93367744/(03) 85603266

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