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Monday, 19 September 2016 5:23:33 PM Australia/Sydney

By 2020 Pirelli is estimated to replace 25% of the market share, as Pirelli tyres are now requested by top car manufacturers. With the increasing awareness and social media marketing platforms, consumers are getting more aware about the features of homologated OE tyres and after knowing the advantages of a homologated tyres, almost 80% of the consumers got ready to pay extra.

Pirelli Performance Focus Over the Years

Right from the beginning the company has its eye on performance. They want to offer the best to its consumers with their advanced technology and extensive research.

In the 1980s Pirelli was focused on performance, things which are majorly taken into consideration was lap time, dry handling and wet handling, to ensure safety on wet roads and prevent aquaplaning.

After 1990s, Pirelli’s research centre introduced few more parameters like comfort, driving noise, hydroplaning from different angles, consistency, mileage etc that impacts the performance of the car, and therefore the company designed a tyre that takes into consideration dry and wet handling along with lateral and straight hydroplaning, driving noise and comfort, mileage and many more.

Today Pirelli is focussing on making Tailor made tyres that not only take into account the above parameters but also wet braking, cornering, rolling resistance, weight of the car.

Pirelli’s Tyre Range

1. P Zero – The tread is introduced for sports and luxury sedans. P zero tread is reinforced by inner and outer shoulder. Inner shoulder is responsible for traction, braking, grip and straight hydroplaning. The outer shoulder is responsible for comfort, noise, lateral hydroplaning in luxury sedans and dry handling, grip, lateral stability in sports car.

2. P Zero Corsa – Similarly, the pattern P Zero Corsa is designed for high performing super cars. The inner shoulder is supports high stiffness, quick response and sporty look. The outer shoulder is responsible for max performance and consistency.

Pirelli’s Strengths

Pirelli is used by many leading car manufacturers, the reason why this brand is most trusted by top brands like porche, BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla etc are its innovative technology that ensures comfort, safety and performance. Some of them are:

1. Pirelli ensured comfortable driving by Pirelli’s Noise Cancelling System Technology. A sound absorbing device is placed on the inner circumferential wall of the tyre that reduced the noise by half.

2. Seal Inside tyre puncture technology that allows the tyre to function in the punctured state without losing tyre pressure.

3. Run Flat Technology, it is the most commonly used technology in high performing tyre, this allows the car to drive upto 50 kms even in punctured state.

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