Recycling and Disposal of tyres in Australia, a new business in progress!

Monday, 22 September 2014 4:14:23 PM Australia/Sydney

Recycling and Disposal of tyresThere has been a constant increase in the number of vehicles on the road and with this number rising, tyre use is also growing. While this does lead to an increase in resource use it is also creating a new business opportunity; recycling.

Recycling of tyres in Australia has increased and lots of tyres are being recycled every day reducing resource use and the threat to environment. You may have seen old tyres used in places like boat ramps and even as the occasional back yard swing, but there are now many areas where recycled tyres can be of great help.


Uses of Recycled Tyres

  • It can be used as a rubber crumb for floor mats, belts, shoe soles etc.
  • Used in the automotive industry as crumb and reused in new tyres
  • Moulding products like mats, hose pipes, v-belts etc.
  • In playgrounds as cushioned surfaces
  • As part of the manufacture of new road surfaces.   


Stages in Recycling


Crumb: It is the material that results from crushing scrap tyres into rubber granules.


Reclaimed Rubber: It is the cast-off old tyre rubber, which can used in natural and synthetic rubber products.


Disposing the old tyre


Uses for recycled tyres is increasing with every passing day and is a great benefit for the environment. To ensure that recycling of your tyres is done correctly, ask if your tyre dealer is committed to recycling your old tyres. There is a cost to the tyre dealer for sending the tyres to recycling so there are still some dealers who prefer to send them to landfill if it is cheaper for them.

At Car Tyres and You, we are committed to recycling your tyres and we do not charge disposal fees to do this for you.

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