Regular Tyre Inspection is Essential to Safety & Vehicle Performance

Friday, 6 April 2018 4:07:46 PM Australia/Sydney

There are many different reasons for tyre wear. Your tyres don't simply get worn because of age and utilisation, other factors like emergency braking, wrong levels of tyre inflation,wheel alignment, and poor street surfacing can easily damage a tyre.


To ensure your safety on the road, it is important that you care for your car tyres and check them consistently.


Inspect tyres regularly, paying attention to:


1. Objects stuck in the tyre-tread:
Take off unwanted objects like stone and any debris, which might be stuck in the tyre tread before driving.

2. Tread Wear:
Once a month, or before you start any long road trips, check your car tyres for wear and damage problems. Densely worn tyre affects the overall performance of driving as designed and will lead to unsafe driving circumstances. If your tyres are worn to the Tread-Wear Indicators (TWI), they must be replaced.

3. State of Tyre Sidewall: 
The sidewall of a tyre in a modern car contains a collection of different symbols, words, letters and numbers.


These alphanumeric codes are critical to know in order to keep your car running at its best. It also enables you to settle on the correct choice when your old or damaged tyres need replacing. If there are lumps and deep cracks, have the tyre examined, as the damage might be more serious than it appears.


Expert’s Advice:


1.Tyres showing wear on one side, or demonstrating feathered edges to the tread design, are often characteristics of mechanical maladjustment. The vehicle's steering or suspension geometry may need to be checked, and the wheels aligned.

2. In case of any cut or puncture in tyre, It must be expelled from the wheel for inner and outer inspection to verify that there is no undetected risk. It helps to avoid any unexpected things to happen in future. In case of puncture repairs, Australian standards should be followed.

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