Tyre Recycle Ideas

Monday, 2 May 2016 1:08:05 PM Australia/Sydney

Tyre Recycling Ideas

Due to the developments in new tyre technology, every company is making an attempt to manufacture a tyre that outperforms and lasts longer than its competition. With the advance in durability and wear resistant characteristics of these tyres, so too has grown the environmental awareness of tyre manufacturers and retailers who have put environmental concerns at the forefront of the tyre industry. This has resulted in responsible manufacturers and resellers paying for the recycling of tyres and the reduction of waste going to landfill, or worse, just being dumped in our precious environment.

Tyre recycling is simply the recycling the tyre that cannot be reused in a vehicle due to its unrepairable damage and wear. Because of the high composition of metal and rubber used in manufacturing a tyre, it poses a high risk to the environment. If a tyre is disposed in waterlogged soil, it will contaminate the soil around it. The toxins would then percolate inside the soil and hence pollute the underground water table. This is why tyre manufacturing companies are taking up various CSR activities to reduce the toxins and saving the environment from contamination.

There are various interesting ways to reuse tyres and promote environmental responsibility. Take a look at some of these great uses for recycled tyres.

1. A Round Tyre Table

A circular table is always a mark of style in many living rooms. Use your creativity to add aesthetics to the tyres and put it in a place where it becomes a talking point for your home decor.

Round Tyre Table

2. Useful Acupressure Mats

The rubber and design of the tyres are ideal for flooring in gyms and fitness studios. The rubber flooring has better grip than plastic or jute carpets. The accupressure mats are anti slip which makes it ideal for flooring in various offices and hotels.

Recycled Tyre Flooring

3. Anti skid ladder

Another very effective use of tyres are in stairs. The rubber's anti skid quality would ensure safety on wet surface. It can also be used in the garden to prevent skidding during heavy rains. This is very commonly used in hotels and resorts which are located in hilly areas where rain often pays a visit.

Anti Skid Ladder

4. Recycled Tyre Tubs

Another major use for recycled tyres is tubs or containers. Because of its durability it can be used to store anything.

Tyre Tubs

5. A nice Chair to Relax

If a table made up of recycled tyres can manage to pull so much attention, then why not a chair too. It is a very cost effective measure when buying an amazingly made table and chair set for your restaurant or home.

Tyre Chair

Over the years, people have developed a lot of fondness towards the concept of tyre recycling. The above ideas are a very effective use of irreparable tyres. Another, interesting use could be as a scarecrow as different shapes of animals could be made from scrap tyres and keep fields protected.

Tyre recycling is a global issue now because of the increase in usage and manufacturing of tyres over the years. There are still many unexplored ideas that can be used for recycled tyres and help us promote a green planet.

Share your tyre recycling ideas in the comments below.

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