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Driving a car that pulls to one side is not only inconvenient but highly dangerous if you are on a roadway in the rush hour. Moreover, the constant efforts required on the steering wheel to keep the car going and simultaneously focusing on the road is tiring. There are various reasons behind the car being pulled to one side, ranging from under-inflated tire to failed suspension components. Assessing what is causing the vehicle to behave so is very important.

Let us highlight the most common reasons on the vehicles being pulled to one side.

  • 1. Uneven Tyre Pressure:An under inflated tire will show damage on the outer edges, whereas an over inflated tire will show damage at the center. In both the cases, there will be rolling resistance, pulling the car in one direction. Moreover, unequal tire pressure is the most common reason behind the phenomenon.

  • 2. Improper Wheel Alignment:Alignment is more relative tot he suspension than the adjustment of wheels/tires. The most common symptom of mal-aligned wheels is uneven tread wear. Upon inspection, the mechanic will adjust the suspension, optimise the angles of tires and align the wheels as per the manufacturer's specifications.

  • 3. Inconsistent Tread Patterns:It is always a wise decision to invest in new tires as having the same tread pattern allows the vehicle to run smoothly, whereas worn out tread pattern pulls the car in particular direction.

  • 4. Improper Wheel Bearing:Wheel bearings are known to allow friction-free and smooth wheel rotation. If the wheel bearing wears out, a grinding noise is observed from the tires, the steering wheel shakes and the car may pull to one side.

  • 5. Issues with Brake System:A stuck caliper, non-lubricated slide pins, and collapsed brake hose are the major issues with the brakes. With the underlying issues, applying pressure on the brake can make the car to stop or pull it to one side.

  • 6. Torque Steer:As the car accelerates, the torque steer makes the car to pull on one particular side. This is caused by loose steering components, broken motor mount, a ball joint with excessive movement or a failing lower control-arm bushing.

  • 7. Memory Steer:Here, the vehicle tends to move in the direction last steered. It generally occurs due to strut bearings, binding ball joints or tie rods.

There are many more reasons behind the car being pulled to one side. Whatever be the reason, a car is not safe under such conditions and needs a professional inspection from an experienced mechanic, as soon as possible.

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