Minerva Tyres

Being a well-established tyre brand for more than 20 years, Minerva today happens to be one of the leading tyre brands worldwide. Not many know that Minervaa’s 20 year history as a dedicated tyre manufacturer is the culmination of a long automotive history. Minerva previously used to be a renowned car manufacturer in Antwerp, Belgium. In the years 1902-1938, Minerva manufactured luxury cars for film stars, politicians and industrialists across Europe and the United States. It was decked with the same quality as the Rolls-Royce, however, was less expensive. Minerva today is manufacturing high-quality tyres for passenger, light truck, 4x4 and SUV vehicles.


Features of Minerva Tyres:


  • 1.They are more than just a budget tyre and have been designed and engineered for European standards.

  • 2.With continuously improving and innovative design processes, Minerva tyres are the pioneer in all season tyres.

  • 3.Available in more than 360 summer sizes, 230 winter sizes and offering 70 all season sizes, Minerva is the world’s strongest leader in manufacturing budget tyres.

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