Wheel Alignment Services

Have wheel alignment problems? Does your vehicle pull to the left or right while driving? Do you find uneven or rapid tyre wear? Does the steering wheel vibrate while straight driving? These are the symptoms that your vehicle is out of alignment.


Vehicle alignment service prevents rapid tyre wear and keeps them running for a longer time. This helps improve mileage and provides a better steering control to give you and your passengers a desirable driving experience.


At The Car Tyres & You, we offer two kinds of wheel alignment:


Front Wheel Thrust Alignment:

This service ensures that the front wheel alignment is proper or not, as it greatly influences the vehicle's handling and tire wear. In this alignment, the thrust line of the rear wheels is measured and it used as a reference for a front wheel angle. In this situation, a steering goes off the centre.


In this situation, the front vehicles are aligned according to the rear wheel angles. This will make sure that the vehicle wheels are straightly aligned and the steering wheel is centred.


Front & Rear Wheel Alignment:

In a case of adjustable rear suspension, all four wheels should be aligned to the geometric centre of the vehicle. For vehicles with adjustable rear suspension, all four wheels are aligned to the geometric centre of the vehicle. As a result, the all four wheels come parallel and the steering wheel and steering geometry being centred as the vehicle moves straight.