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Car Tyres & You offers online tyres, comprehensive brake, suspension,and wheel alignment services. For pricing and appointments for these services we suggest that come to our nearest Car Tyres and You store in Ormond, Keilor Park and Carniege and discuss your requirements straight-away with our expert staff members.

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"Friendly owner who answered our questions happily"
"Very friendly staff and very good mechanical service."
"Great service and great price - definitely would recommend them"
"Great care and service. Thank you"
"Fixed my puncture on the spot, excellent service"
"Friendly and great service. Accommodated me at the end of the day"


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About us

Have you ever left a tyre shop feeling hurried and confused about the tyres you’ve been sold? We’d never do that to you.

At Car Tyres & You we care more. We don’t rush through customers or push through sales. It’s all about you and your peace of mind! We place your tyre needs and your safety above everything else.

We’re proud of the way we work. Our friendly, honest and expert team genuinely care about finding the best tyres for your driving needs and your budget.

We’ve got everything sorted when it comes to your tyres, from full tyre servicing to a wide range of tyre options. We even have car servicing available on the same site!

We take the time to get to know your car, your driving habits and your tyre needs. We make genuine suggestions about which tyres will work best for you.

That’s what Car Tyres & You is all about. We’ll listen to you and help you get the tyre solution you actually need.

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