Service & Repair

Car Tyres & You offers online tyres, comprehensive brake, suspension,and wheel alignment services. For pricing and appointments for these services we suggest that come to our nearest Car Tyres and You store in Ormond, Keilor Park and Carniege and discuss your requirements straight-away with our expert staff members.


Wheel Balance

While driving your car, have you ever had an issue with vibrations through the steering wheel? At Car Tyres and You, we know how bothersome and risky this can get. Did you know that these vibrations often get misdiagnosed or dismissed as a simple wheel balance problem? Wheel vibrations can be caused by numerous problems associated with the suspension, brakes and driveline in your car.



With regards to your vehicle's safety, brakes are an important part of any vehicle and they need scheduled checking. In the event that brake checking is ignored, you're betting with your life-safety, and that of your passengers and other drivers.



Your suspension system does more than make your ride smoother! In fact, it's a key component of driving safety, and without it your tyres and brakes won't work properly.


Suspension Repairs & Maintenance

Suspension system supports the handling system of a car and its importance is ignored by many. It not only affects how smooth the drive is, it is also a key element for your car’ safety feature.


Diagnosing Brake Problems

Your car's brakes are vital to safety. There can be no compromise when it comes to your ability to stop your car when it is in motion. In an emergency situation, the difference of a few metres can be vital. It is, therefore, extremely important that you have your brakes serviced regularly, and parts replaced and adjusted if required.


Wheel Alignment

Have wheel alignment problems? Does your vehicle pull to the left or right while driving? Do you find uneven or rapid tyre wear? Does the steering wheel vibrate while straight driving? These are the symptoms that your vehicle is out of alignment.


Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

We can see the usage of Nitrogen inflation Tyres in air crafts, racing cars, and industrial applications for many years. Recently, it has come to use in normal passenger cars as well. Car Tyres and You provide this service to customers to keep tyre pressure correct for a longer period of time.