Suspension Repairs & Maintenance

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What are some key functions of your car's suspension?

The suspension of your car has a number of functions which define its importance for vehicle’s safety.

Here are some functions:

  1. Maintaining the proper vehicle ride height
  2. Reducing the effect of shock forces upon your car
  3. Maintaining the proper wheel alignment
  4. Supporting the weight of the vehicle
  5. Keeping the vehicle's tyres in contact with the road
  6. Control of vehicle's direction of travel on the road

Now, you know that the maintenance of your car’s suspension system is an important factor in the car handling on the road. The proper working of the suspension system will not only ensure safety but, also help in decreasing wear and tear. We at, Car Tyres and You, we know the importance of suspension system’s efficient working condition, and it is crucial for three safety elements- stopping, steering and stability, means your brakes, tyres and shock absorbers need to work together to provide maximum vehicle’s safety.

Why to go for regular suspension check-ups?

When we talk about smooth drive, we think about powerful engine and horsepower. However, many of us are not aware that higher horse powered engine is pretty much useless without the vehicle’s ability to control the car. That’s where shock absorbers take the stage. Badly maintained suspension results in excessive tyre wear and safety of the driver as well as passengers.

Another important role of shock absorbers is their stability and ability to provide comfortable riding experience while driving. They reduce the vibration in the case of sharp turning roads or while applying brakes.

Now, you understand the importance and benefits of shock absorbers and why are they so vital for a vehicle. They are an integral part of not only for overall stability but also for vehicle safety, which is why they must be maintained and checked regularly.

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