How Can I check best tyre for my Car?

Monday, 14 November 2016 8:17:26 PM Australia/Sydney

How Can I check best tyre for my Car?

Tyres are a pivotal segment of car safety. Selecting the right tyre can enhance the overall performance of your vehicle, including fuel utilisation and security. Tyres are considered as a crucial component that provide the interface between vehicle and the road.

In short, car tyres play an extremely important role in your car's performance as well as overall safety. So, when looking for new tyres it is best to consult with the expert team at Car Tyre & You. Additionally, it pays to have information about the basics, so you can feel reassured that you are getting the right tyres for your car.

Which tyre is best suitable for my car?

You might face these types of questions while buying tyres. From thousands of options, picking the right tyres for your car and individual driving needs may appear to be overwhelming. Here is a guide to the different tyres available and the points to consider:

1. Check Key Consideration – You can discover what sort of tyres you require by looking on the sidewall of your existing tyres. You will see an alphanumeric pattern in a frame, like: 165/55R17 94H. This pattern will give data about tyre size, its load carrying capacity and its speed rating.

In the case below, the code on a regular fitment tyre for Australian cars is:

255/55R15 95V

255 demonstrates the nominal segment width of the tyre in millimetres (255mm).

55 demonstrates an aspect ratio, which is a correlation of the tyre's segment height with its segment width (55 shows the height, i.e. 55% of its width).

R shows radial construction. 18 shows the diameter of the rim in inches (18 inches).

95H is an indication of the load limit and speed at which the tyre can be securely and effectively utilised, subject to the tyre being in sound condition, effectively fitted, and with prescribed inflation pressure (95 shows a greatest load of 690kg for each tyre.)

2. Quality and Price

When you are informed about right tyre size for your car, you'll have to consider tyre’s quality that will best suit your requirements. All available tyres for sale in the Melbourne will meet strict safety standards and Australian design rules, however a superior quality tyre will last more miles and give you an excellent experience of driving, daily.

3. Premium tyres

At the global level, big organizations produce tyres that offer greater durability due to the compounds and style of construction they use and also offer high levels of ride comfort.

Heavy investment in research, design and innovation result in premium tyres benefiting from improved stopping distances, fuel economy, grip (especially in wet conditions) and lower noise level.

You can consider some of the tyre brands like Bridgestone, Kumho, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin or Pirelli.

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