Expert Tips : How to Select the Best Tyres For Your Cars

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 6:23:33 PM Australia/Sydney

It is a common saying that ‘You ride is as good as your tyres’. Even if you put all the efforts into your car, the tyres are as important and crucial - very important to choose the right ones. Now, choosing the right tyres for your car is difficult because you would need something which would be the right fit, suit your driving style and compliment your driving needs. At Car Tyres & You, we provide cheap car tyres at great prices. We have a range of renowned brands in stock, ranging from Austone to Firelli.

With little research and expert advice - we ensure that you will be happily cruising on the roads. There are few expert tips you should consider before buying new car tyres:

TREADS AND MATERIAL COMPOSITION : Making a choice on tyres is difficult, but the easiest thing to start with is to decide what the tyres will be used for. This would determine the grippiness of the tyre in wet and dry conditions - keeping your safety intact and performance maximum. Always know that there is a difference between grip and durability; it’s ideal to find a balance of both.

IDEAL PRICE RANGE AND YOUR BUDGET : The money being spent on the tyres consider the intended use of the new tyres. Always keep the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations in the loop, before splurging or saving on your new tyres. This is important as the tyres determine the roadworthiness of your car, apart from other components.

KNOW TYRE MAINTENANCE EXPECTATIONS BEFORE PURCHASE : To avoid accidents, car tyres need to be periodically checked. It is required to monitor the pressure with a tyre gauge periodically, so choose tyres which are of the correct-size and wouldn’t drag you to the workshop more than required. Also, choose to buy tyres from a source which has tools for fitting, balancing and alignment. For information, Car Tyres & You is a fully equipped car repairs and service centre in Melbourne.

KNOW THE LOCAL TYRE LAWS : National standard safety protocols for vehicles are set by the Australian Design Rules. The main rules cover rims/vehicle guards and labelling.

>> Tyres should be covered by a guard and meet the guard-to-wheel distance specifications.
>> Tyres should have standard labelling - description, construction information and maximum load rating.

If you are looking for tyres in Melbourne, browse the largest car tyres range at Car Tyres & You.

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