Nitrogen Vs Standard Air: Which One Is Better For Tyres?

Monday, 24 August 2015 1:36:55 PM Australia/Sydney

Nitrogen usage is preferred over standard air for tyres, especially among car enthusiasts. A number of reasons direct even everyday car users towards pure nitrogen air. Pure nitrogen has nitrogen constituents as high as 95%, while the standard air is a heterogeneous mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, water vapour and small traces of noble gases.

Nitrogen Vs Standard Air

The reasons are:

  1. 1. Nitrogen has a lower tendency to escape through rubber. Thus, the pressure in the tyres is retained for a longer period. This directly increases the longevity of the tyres and fuel efficiency. Nitrogen although not that widespread among regular car drivers, is gradually replacing standard air in the developed world. 
  2. 2. The water vapour in the standard air in form of humidity is hazardous to tyres and wheels. The presence of water in air causes steep changes in temperature and pressure condition inside a tyre. The humidity also leads to corrosion of aluminium and steel rim. Pure nitrogen has almost zero water vapour. Thus, it is more stable and doesn’t cause corrosion. 
  3. 3. Every unit decrease in air pressure reduces the fuel efficiency of the give vehicle by 0.3%. As nitrogen escapes slowly in comparison to standard air, using nitrogen is recommended. 
  4. 4. When the air inside a tyre pressurises, the water vapour turns into water and gets collected in the air cavity. When the tyre spins at high temperature, the water returns to vapour form. As gases expand quicker than liquid, the water vapour adds another level of pressure to already pressurised tyres. This leads to pressure fluctuation whenever the states change.

Nitrogen, on the other hand, is a dry gas that doesn’t fluctuate pressure, ensuring improved stability on roads.

Conclusion: With nitrogen, the tyre pressure remains constant. This will save you a small amount in your fuel and maintenance budget. Less moisture inside your tyres will lead to less corrosion. Although in normal driving condition, you won’t feel any difference, at high speed, high temperature conditions the benefits are noteworthy with nitrogen-filled tyres, including better ride, handling, and braking.

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