Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, a New Take On Reducing In-Cabin Noise

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 12:28:28 PM Australia/Sydney

PNCS-pircelliDo you hate that persistent noise in your car while driving? Then Pirelli has an answer with Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS). The system is capable of reducing in cabin noise by 2-3dB giving you a quiet and comfortable experience inside, regardless of the conditions outside.

One of the major sources of a car’s in-cabin noise-- vibration of the tyre structure produced by its traction on the road—is decreased with Pirelli’s Noise Cancelling System. The PNCS is implemented by means of a spongy material that is applied inside the tyre’s surface. The added cushion on the tyres decreases cabin noise.

Pirelli claim that apart from less road noise, there is hardly any difference between the results delivered by PNCS and the standard tyre. The PNCS technology, as such, is compatible with any vehicle depending on the tyre size and markings and doesn’t need dedicated rims for safety.

Repairing PNCS Tyres is not the same as repairing a standard tyre. The removal of the sponge to allow inspection of the tyre is required. With the sponge removed, the tyre can be repaired like any standard tyre. The repairs can be performed at any Pirelli authorised service centre or a third party service centre. However, Pirelli does not assume any responsibility for repairs performed by third parties.

Pirelli’s Noise Cancelling System is a unique innovation in tyre technology. The car industry is already making significant progress in decreasing in-cabin noise. With PNCS acting as an extra layer of isolation, the days are not far away when noise will no longer be a nuisance for car commuters. Only time will tell how successful it will be.

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