There are many things that you can do to save money and improve the longevity of your car tyres. Unfortunately, not all drivers are aware of these simple tips for vehicle maintenance.


When tyres are not inflated according to the recommended limit provided by manufacturers, they are less round and require more energy to maintain speed. As such, under-inflated tyres consume more fuel. Proper tyre inflation in all four tyres provides better safety and efficiency on the road.


Here are a few more reasons to keep your tyres properly inflated.


-- Deal with Quality Tyres

A vehicle with cheap car tyres is not an advisable choice. As per expert advice, always deal with good quality tyres. Quality Tyres will always inflate properly, retain air longer and wear slower as compare to poor quality tyres. Good quality tyres play an important role in increasing fuel economy, saves your money and protect you from lots of headaches.


-- Regular Car Tyre Check Process:

To check the car tyre pressure regularly, first, you need to know the standard tyre pressure information for your car. This information is readily available inside driver's door, owner's manual or alongside the fuel gap. After getting this info, you would be able to identify the exact tyre pressure for your car and can give proper care to car tyres.


Why Checking Car Tyre Pressure Important.

For your safety on the road regular checking of Car Tyre pressure is essential. As per the Survey report, around 40% of car-fault accidents can be attributed to under-inflated tyres. Adequately inflated car tyres also contributed to lowering the fuel bills, increased safety, reducing fuel emission and also keeping our environment cleaner.


Impact of Incorrect Inflated Tyres:


  • In the case of under-inflated tyres, rolling resistance increases that consume more fuel and energy. It will reduce fuel efficiency and create direct impact on your pocket.
  • Incorrectly inflated tyres also lead to compromise with vehicle handling, braking and acceleration. In many car accident cases, under-inflated tyres are main for a dangerous blow-out.
  • If car tyres pressure is not at their optimum level, then it creates a direct impact on tyre wear and reduces tyre's life.


Advantages or Importance of Tyre Check & Inflation


  1. - Increase Tyre Life - Regular inspection of Tyre Pressure and proper inflation lowers the frequency of Tyre wear and increase the overall life of the tyre.
  3. - Enhance Fuel Economy - Properly inflated tyres help in comfortable driving, capable handling and smooth braking that increases the fuel economy of the car.
  5. - Maintain Safety - If we maintain the proper inflation of car tyres, then it reduces the risk of sudden tyre puncture or blow-out and protects from the threat of any road accident.
  7. - Comfortable ride - In both under or over inflation, the driver always feels uncomfortable. While on road-trip sometime, Driver also has to face harsh and skittish ride.