Today, cars come with an array of hidden costs like fuel, replacement of high tech gadgets, roadside assistance and many more. Remember, not all cars are created equal. Yes, usually there is just a minor difference in the cost of a car, but the long-term running costs and accessories can vary considerably. The annual report of 141 different vehicles conducted by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) revealed numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration while deciding if a particular car is cheap or expensive. This study took numerous factors like loan interest, fuel expense, registration expenses, car servicing costs, insurance, tyres, depreciation and more into consideration. One of the significant factors is car tyres.


Tyres are the vehicle's most important safety feature. Buying car tyres can be stressful and intimidating, but not when we are there to help. At Car Tyres and You, we understand car tyres like no other. Our highly skilled and experienced team lives and breathes tyres.


We shall, therefore, share everything that you need to know before buying your car tyres online. As per our experts the following things should be kept in mind while purchasing a car tyre online.


  • 1) Secret Things You Should Know Before Buying Tyres Online
  • 2) Car Tyre Safety
  • 3) Step-by-step Guide to Buy Tyres Online
  • 4) Why Replace Tyres


Secret Things You Should Know Before Buying Tyres Online


The safety of your and your family's life depends on tyres, hence, getting good tyres is essential. Also, having properly inflated tyres saves fuel, thus helping you save for that vacation trip which you have been planning for quite some time. If you browse over the internet there is a plethora of information about dos and don'ts of online tyres, but, here are some secrets that you should know before going for online car tyres.


  • Every Tyre is Different- All tyres are round and made of rubber. Though they may look alike, they are way different from one another. Every type of tyre is different and selecting the correct tyre for your car is crucial. The best way to find the perfect fit for your vehicle is to understand the specifications designated for your car by your car's manufacturer. This can be done by looking at the sidewall of your current tyre but this may be incorrect if your tyres have previously been replaced. The correct tyre information for your vehicle is on the manufacturer's placard. This placard is usually placed at various familiar places like the driver's door, on the fuel filler door or in the glove box. That guide will recommend tyres based on the size, speed rating and load rating, and then you can start browsing for your online car tyres.
  • Is It the Right Time to Replace Your Car Tyres? - No, you don't need to be an experienced auto mechanic to know if it is the right time to replace all your five tyres. Yes, all five tyres, including your spare tire too. You can easily figure out if a tyre is worn out or damaged just by thoroughly looking at it. You can also try the penny test. The penny test trick consists of inserting a coin into the tire tread with the head pointing toward the centre of the tire. If the head of the coin isn't partially hidden, then it's time for professional assistance and change of tyres.
  • Cheap Buying Risks - At Car Tyres and You, we believe that there are ample of risks involved when you plan on buying cheap tyres. We understand the temptation of saving a few dollars when in a dilemma as to which one to choose. If you go for an unknown brand with no history, various vital functions like acceleration, steer and brake safety can be affected. It is, therefore, recommended to stay forth from such brands. Remember, if you go for cheaper unknown tyres you are indirectly compromising our safety and the safety of your loved ones.


Step-by-step Guide to Buy Tyres Online


Car tyres keep you connected to the road and maintain your car's stability. Well-maintained tyres improve the performance and safety of your vehicle. This aspect, however, is overlooked and tyres are usually taken for granted. IMRAS, a research company in Australia, says that on the one hand people with new cars, people who drive less than 10,000km yearly and people residing in New South Wales are less likely to get their tyres checked regularly, while on the other older drivers, blue-collar workers, country drivers, owners of diesel cars and Queenslanders get their car tyres checked at regular intervals. At Car Tyres and You, we understand the importance of car tyre safety and here are some tips on the same.


  • Tyre Safety and Maintenance - The safety of your vehicle is directly dependent on the condition of your tyre. Tyre maintenance means proper inflation, rotation and evaluation. Mediocre tyres always pose the risk of road handling, blow-outs and greater braking distance. Tyres should be
    1. 1) Be free from any form of defects
    2. 2) Be of the right type and size as per your vehicle
    3. 3) Be inflated properly
    4. 4) Be of the correct tread depth
  • Regular Tyre Checks - Whenever you go to refuel your car, take out a few minutes to check tyre pressure. If not possible, every time, at least go for a tyre pressure check every second visit. Also, during this visit, get the wear check done. The legal limit is 1.5mm tread depth at any point on the tyre which contacts the road, and emphasis should be given to the fronts in a front-drive car and the rears if the car is rear-wheel drive.
  • Learn to Change Flat Tyres - Did you know around 75 % millennials cannot change a flat tyre in our country? Getting roadside assistance is common today, but knowing the basics like the need to stand on the wheel brace to loosen over-tightened wheel nuts can make a huge difference when you are not in a known place. It is always recommended to learn to change flat tyres as emergencies can knock your on your door anytime.


Step-by-step Guide to Buy Tyres Online


Any sort of damage to your tyre can excessively hamper your car's performance. Car tyre maintenance, therefore, along with choosing the right tyre for your vehicle is vital. Today car tyres are available both online and offline. Buying car tyres online has many perks, like a wider range of tyres and convenience. There is no quality compromise, and the prices are always great.


At Car Tyres and You, we live tyres. We provide you with online car tyres from top-notch brands. Buying car tyres from Car Tyres and You is not only easy but also convenient. Here is a step-by-step guide on the purchase of tyres online from us.


  • Fill in the Details - The first step is to find the tyre by the tyre size. You need to fill up details like width, profile and rim. Based on your requirements, we shall filter out the best tyre options for you.
  • Select and Choose a Payment Option - The next step is selection. You can select your preferred brand from the filtered category and then add it to your cart. You can either choose to pay online or offline.
  • Get Your Tyres Fitted at Our Outlets - Once you are satisfied with your selection and have chosen your payment option, it is time for fitting. You can select any of our three outlets - Carnegie, Keilor Park and Ormond and get your vehicle for the fitting service. All our tyre prices include fitting, balancing, new tubeless valves and even your old tyres sent for recycling.


Why Replace Tyres?


Getting a new set of tyres for the road means a good start. But, a few hundred miles later, even the best tyres need replacement. Tyres gradually wear off and start affecting the performance. Car owners need to keep in mind that a tyre is the only gear between your car and the road. All the force of acceleration, braking power and torque from turning gets transmitted through the tyres before your car even moves a bit. Even the most powerful cars in the world are of no use unless they have proper tyres. It is, therefore, fundamental to get tyres replaced on time. Ageing is just one of the factors that contributes to car tyre replacement. Some of the others are as under


  • Driving Style and Bad Roads - Spinning the wheels on acceleration or locking them while applying brakes increases the wear of the car tyres. Similarly, along with driving style, bad roads also contribute to the depreciation of the tyres.
  • Alignment and Speed - Wrong alignment leads to accelerated wear. Also, high-speed driving increases temperature and the wear of not just your tyres but your complete vehicle. You can check your speed index for the same.
  • Pressure and Excess Load - Both under-inflation and over-inflation can increase the tyre to wear early. It is, thus, vital to maintain the correct inflation to help your tyres last longer.


No matter the type of tyre, if you look after your tyres, they'll look after you and your family. One thing that should be kept in mind that you have already put ample thought into choosing your car, but never neglect the tyres as they are an essential part of the vehicle. Car Tyres are the only connection between your car and the road. At Car Tyres and You, we believe in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our well-trained and professional team is always ready to assist you with your car tyre and servicing needs. We provide various other services like


  • 1) Wheel Balancing
  • 2) Wheel Alignment
  • 3) Suspension
  • 4) Suspension Repairs and Maintenance
  • 5) Diagnosis of Brake Problems


Our customer support team is always willing to lend you a helping hand when you face difficulty in choosing the correct car tyre, or you are unable to decide which car tyre will suit your particular needs. We are conveniently located in Carnegie (03) 9572 2144, Keilor Park (03) 9336 7744 and Ormond (03) 8560 3266. You can connect with us or visit to get a quick quote online.