Fuel prices have been increasing and every year we face a price rise. This has made people become conscious of ways to reduce fuel consumption and save some money. Fuel efficiency and reducing emissions have become primary concern of vehicle manufacturers nowadays and despite common knowledge spread about it, people tend to overlook a simple factor that can play a vital role in fuel economy.


Wondering what it is? Well, it is your car tyres. If you maintain your car tyres correctly, you can save on fuel consumption. Check out our tips for maintaining your tyres properly.


1. Keep them inflated: We all know the importance of checking fuel, oil and coolant levels regularly, however a lot of people ignore checking tyre pressures. Well, you must change this habit of yours and check your tyre pressures on a regular basis to ensure they are maintained to the manufacturers recommendations.


2. Check them monthly: Check the tyre pressure monthly to make sure that the pressure level is correct. You must refer to the vehicle's recommended pressure levels. Tyres that run om low tyre pressure too long will increase fuel consumption and wear out your tyres more quickly.


3. Check your spare tyre pressure: There is nothing worse than getting a flat tyre and finding out your spare tyre is flat. Always check your spare tyre pressure regularly as part of your tyre pressure checking routine.


4. Choose Quality Low Rolling Resistance Tyres: Tyres that have low-rolling resistance (sometimes known as eco range tyres) will provide you with better fuel economy and this factor must be taken into consideration. On average up to an extra 40 kms of travel per tank can be achieved when you fit 4 eco type tyres. Over the long run, your fuel savings will offset the purchase price of the tyres and you will also be reducing your emissions. Never compromise with tyre quality and check for customer reviews before investing in new tyres.


5. Get a wheel alignment regularly: If your car’s suspension is out of alignment, it can increase the rolling resistance of your vehicle which in turn reduces fuel efficiency and economy. Check your wheel alignment annually to ensure you get the best wear out of your tyres.


So if you are concerned about reducing your carbon footprint, reducing your fuel consumption through maintaining your tyres correctly will help. Get into the habit of checking your tyre pressures regularly and always choose a quality low rolling resistance tyre.