We are all watching the development of the coronavirus pandemic with feelings of concern and uncertainty. We all – the Car Tyres and You family and the world in general – are in a challenging situation right now. And it is important that we remain calm, respectful and stand by each other in this difficult time.


To protect you and your families, we are taking the necessary steps required to stay safe and protect everyone.


We Are:


  • Using disinfectant sprays on door handles, steering and instrument control on entering and when parking cars after service and repair.
  • Our staff wear fresh gloves when entering vehicles and are aware of hygiene practices required.
  • We are ensuring that keys are wiped with disinfectant after they are handled by our staff.
  • We are ensuring that all commonly used surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • We are performing biocide cleans of ventilation systems in cars with every cabin filter change.
  • We are asking our customers to use cards instead of cash or to make bank transfers.