Australian summers tend to get harsh. We all remember the angry summer during 2012 - 2013 when the highest temperature in January went as high as 40 degree Celsius.


Such sweltering weather can be extremely tough on the tyres and adversely impacts its quality and longevity. It can affect the car balance and steering sensitivity, thus increasing the chance of accidents!


But, you can avoid this situation by making your car tyres summer ready.


How to Take Care of the Tyres During Summers?


1. Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure


Physics 101 says that air expands as it gets heated! Now, this increases air pressure and results in constant fluctuation. This situation is dangerous since it raises up the chance of accidents. Therefore, it is essential that you get the air pressure checked before embarking on a long journey on a hot day.


2. Check Tyre Inflation


When mercury goes up, it tends to result in either over inflation or under inflation of the tyre. Both the situations are not good, of course!


Over-inflation exerts extreme pressure on the outer layer of the tyre. Result? - A sudden blowout and loss of balance, leading to a fatal accident. While under-inflation does not necessarily pose a threat of an accident, it can increase the fuel consumption. We would recommend that you get your tyres checked properly with an expert to ensure the pressure is within prescribed limits.


3. Keep the Spare Tyre Ready


Always be ready with a plan B, especially when you are travelling by your car on a hot summer day. Keep the spare tyre is in proper shape. Make sure the pressure, tread, and overall physical condition of the spare tyre is top-notch. We would recommend changing the tyres if they are getting close to the legal limit of its use.


It is always best to check the tyres just before the summer begins and make sure they are summer ready! Buy new ones, if the old tyres are not suitable for the hot weather.


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