Tyres come in direct contact with the road, making it one of the most crucial elements of a vehicle.


However, what most people fail to realise is that tyres are responsible for the overall control of your steering wheel, brake and acceleration. And so, it becomes apparent they need to be in proper condition to ensure safe driving.


Worn out tyres are one of the main reasons for fatal accidents. That being said, it is essential to check them at regular intervals to identify any signs of wear and tear. Here we have prepared a quick checklist to determine the early and subtle signs of worn out tyres:


1. Getting Frequent Flat Tyres


Experiencing deflated tyres once in a while doesn’t mean you need to rush for an immediate replacement. Even good tyres tend to lose a bit of air over a specified period.


However, getting regular flat or deflated tyres is an indication that your tyres need immediate replacement.


If you notice that your tyres aren’t able to hold the right amount of air, you need to get a new pair. Alternatively, it's also recommended to get the wheel or "rim" inspected if you get regular flats. It could be an indication that the wheels are bent and so can’t maintain the seal around the inner tyres.


2. Worn out Tread


Tyres with low or no tread pose serious safety hazards. It takes away the tyres’ ability to get traction on the road causing major accidents. Also, low-tread tyres are prone to sudden burst causing major highway trauma.


Therefore, you need to check the tyres’ tread using a few simple visual inspections. Look over the tyres and make sure there is tread all around. It is essential that there shouldn’t be more treads to the inside or outside. It could be a sign of unevenly worn out tyres, suggesting a potential alignment issue. If there is no uneven wear with no treads left means, they are bald tyres, and it needs to be replaced immediately.


3. Cracks or Bumps on the Tyres


As your tyres get old, they start developing cracks all around. One of the most obvious places you'll notice cracks in the sidewall of the tyre.


Initially, there will be small cracks that might not be easily visible. However, after a while, the tyres stretch and starts to cover the entire surface.


It is advisable to replace your tyres before the situation gets worse and resulting in shredding the tyre open. We understand tyres aren’t exactly cheap so most people can't afford to replace them in a short duration. So, as a general thumb rule, a few tiny cracks are nothing to worry about. However, dozens of smaller wide breaks mean you should get new ones.


Additional Signs


Here are some other signs you need to check to before you go for a change:

  •  - Your brakes are wearing out faster than they should.
  •  - The tyres have got "separated" or torn.
  •  - You feel your car to be little wobbly.
  •  - Your car appears to sit lower than it should.

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