Buying a car comes with lot of responsibilities. There are so many things that you need to take care, whether you like it or not! For example, paying the annual insurance bills and maintenance costs. 

Though these tasks feel like a chore, at least you can anticipate them and even plan everything accordingly.
However, there are few incidents that you cannot anticipate like getting stuck in a traffic jam or having a flat tyre on a lonely road.

Getting a flat tyre is one of the common and perhaps the most irritating issue for a driver. However, there are some (precautionary) tips that you can follow to prevent a flat tyre while you are driving.


#1 Keep Tyres Correctly Inflated

A thumb rule to avoid flat tyres is to maintain the air pressure. Most drivers to order over-inflation keeps the air pressure low eventually leading to underinflated tyres. There is a misconception among many people that when a tyre is underinflated, there are fewer chances of a tyre-burst.

But, that’s not true! A (properly) inflated tyre is firm and stable, while an underinflated can easily tear if it comes in contact with a sharp object.
And that’s why it is essential to keep the tyres inflated to correct pressure to avoid punctures.


#2 Rotate the Tyres Regularly

One of the common cause for punctures or tyre burst is the failure to rotate the tyres.
Though you might have purchased four tyres at the same time, each of them will experience wear and tear differently. And so, it is essential to rotate the tyres regularly to ensure one tyre does not start wearing out quicker than others. When you fail to rotate the tyres, the risk of getting a flat tyre on a rough patch of the road increases manifold.


#3 Don’t Compromise on Quality

Though it is an obvious thing, sadly many motorists do not follow this thumb rule. It is important to remember that though all tyres may look more or less the same; however its quality can vary greatly. And that is the reason why it is crucial to buy trusted brands from reliable suppliers.
The branded tyres go through stringent quality control and safety checks. And so, using them mitigates the chances of a puncture considerably, when you are passing through a rough patch on the road.

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