Though, being the most crucial component, tyres are often ignored. Most people hardly realise the critical role a well-maintained tyre plays in protecting us from the accidents.

Since tyres are the most overlooked element, there have been some misconceptions which eventually give rise to more myths. And so, most car owners never get to know the real facts! 

In this blog, we have listed down top three myths and have tried to counter it with some facts.

Myth# 1 - New Tyres Should Always Go in the Front

If you are replacing two tyres, you will hear people advising you to put the new ones in the front. However, it has to be the other way around!

New tyres should go in the rear, instead of the front (unless the handbook has any specific instructions). Most of us do not know the rear tyres give stability to the vehicle. So, putting the new ones at the back gives you better control over the car. For example, Your car will continue in a straight line during a torrential downpour, even when you are turning the wheel. Result? - Better road grip and fewer chances of accidents.


Myth# 2 Unused Tyres are as Good as New!

It is true that tyres get worn out due to usage on the roads. However, that does not necessarily mean that less used tyres will be in good condition. There are some factors that affect the condition of the rubber which can result in minor damages. For example, if your car is exposed to heat, rain or water, it begins to age.

You can protect your tyres when not in use by keeping them indoors in a cool and dry environment. However, if your vehicle has been idle for a long time, it is advisable to replace the tyres rather than refill them.


Myth# 3 Over inflation Lead to Burst Tyre

Over-inflated tyres do not always make it explode. Tyres when overinflated, affects the steering capacity which can lead to an accident. Moreover, over-inflated tyres when hits a pothole or a rough bump can result in a major blowout, causing to a fatal crash.

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