A tyre check should be part of routine car care practice because an essential inspection can improve your safety and even help boost your fuel economy. Car tyres are a vital part of the journey and making sure they are in top condition before hitting the road for an extended road trip.

Whether driving to a beach vacation, weekend road-trip or exploring the back roads, a driver should consider the following tyre safety checklist before departure to ensure safe, comfortable and full on entertainment travel.


1) Estimate Your Journey

Anticipating the road-trip journey play an essential role in car preparation for a hassle-free event. Type of travel and duration makes the direct impact on car Tyres and vice versa. If car tyres are in excellent condition and the trip is short, then car tyres are good to go. In case if car tyres are worn a lot, and the road-trip journey is very long, then it is suggested to inspect your car tyres from Car Tyres professionals.

 Estimate Your Journey

2) Check Car Tyre Pressure:

Proper tire pressure is essential because under-inflated tires flex more and build up heat that can lead to failure and possibly even an accident. Car Tyres with under-inflated pressure are less fuel efficient and can wear out faster. So, it is recommended to check pressure when tyres are cold (Usually after 3 hours of parking). In case of spare tyres, we also need to check pressure because while long road-trip their maintenance too crucial for the hassle-free trip.

 Check Car Tyre Pressure

3) Get Portable Tyre Pump:

In case, if you have the extended travelling period and plan to have a road trip, then it is suggested to have the portable tyre pump in your toolkit. During holiday vacation, you might have to face a long queue at a pump station or need to refill tyre at remote location area. At that time, portable tyre pump saves your time and keeps you safe from any mid-way breakdown.

 Portable Tyre Pump

4) Inspect Tread Depth and Wear Status:

Safety concerns are significant while long holiday road-trip. Inspecting car tyre regularly plays a crucial role in safe and hassle-free driving. Hence it's essential that tyres carry better road grip irrespective of the weather condition. To ensure this, they must have proper tread depth. To check tyre tread depth, you can provide this by doing a penny test for tyre tread depth.

 Inpect Tyre Tread Depth

5) Check Tyre Alignment:

Before heading to any long trip, it is a sage decision to check the vehicle's wheel alignment. At any car servicing centre, it is one of the essential repair services offered by Car Tyres stores in Melbourne. Tyre alignment is a vital part of maintaining your vehicle because it has the direct relation to the life of the tyres that can't be underestimated. When tyre alignments are adequately supported, it helps prevent vibration, skidding, road noise and abnormal tread wear.

 Check Car Tyre Alignment

6) Be Ready to Replace Spare Tyres:

If your trip is short, then it’s not a big deal if your spare tyre has little extra wear while inspecting. While planning a long road trip, it is essential to play safe to have good conditioned spare tyres. It is a smart decision to be ready to replace spare tyres if they required to change in your journey.

Replace Spare Tyres