Do you know that any tyre issue can radically hamper the performance of your vehicle and even pose a threat of road accident?


Tyres are considered as one of the most crucial parts of your car. They are always in contact with the road and the first ones to bear the speed breakers and potholes. So, they are specifically built to withstand stressors like potholes to make your drive less bumpy!


It is important to ensure that your tyres perform at optimum levels and therefore, you need to take extra care. From regular maintenance to inspecting the level of wear and tear, it is vital to ensure your tyres are inflated.


What Makes Under-Inflated Tyres Dangerous?


Under-inflated tyres have been the biggest reason behind some of the ghastly road accidents. Additionally, the lack of internal air pressure can make your tyres vulnerable to wear and tear.


Lesser air pressure can reduce our tyre’s ability to resist punctures and other forms of degradation/ damages. Besides, when you fail to maintain proper air pressure in the tyres, it can cause permanent damage to the sidewalls, resulting in premature replacement.


You can Maintain Ideal Air Pressure by Following Three Simple Steps:


1. It is essential you know the recommended air pressure for your tyres. If you have any doubts, we recommend you refer a reliable guide to know ways to get the tyres properly inflated.


2. After you have got the tyres inflated, make sure whether the tyres retain the pressure for a long time. If air pressure reduces within a couple of days, get your car to an expert mechanic.


3. Moreover, the air pressure in each tyre needs to be matched well. If there’s a difference in tyre pressure, it increases the amount of strain placed on each tyre eventually resulting in premature wear and tear.


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