Eagle F1 Asymmetric Tyre

Tyre Details

If you drive a high-end vehicle, you'll appreciate the latest performance tyre from Goodyear. The new Eagle F1 Asymmetric is designed to give you outstanding control of your car, without compromising on performance. It features revolutionary Active Cornergrip and Racing Compound Technology for impressive high speed cornering and grip.

  • Section Width: 245
  • Apect Ratio: 45
  • Rim Diameter: 17
  • Load Index: 99
  • Speed Index: Y
  • Runflat: Yes

Key Features

  • Active Cornergrip Technology - Superior driving performance on straight roads and on cornering. Impressive wet handling and reduced risk of aquaplaning.
  • Racing compound Technology - Excellent grip performance in wet and dry conditions.
  • Asymmetric tread design - Delivers superior control and comfort for a quiet and secure ride.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

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Pattern: Eagle F1 Asymmetric

Price: $349

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Available Sizes

205/55ZR17 91Y (N0)91Y Call for price
205/55ZR17 91Y (N0)91Y Call for price
235/50ZR17 96Y (N0)96Y Call for price
245/45R17 99Y (MOE)99Y$349
225/35R18 87W (AO)87W Call for price
225/35R18 87W87W Call for price
235/35ZR19 87Y (N0)87Y Call for price
245/35R19 93Y (MO)93Y Call for price
255/30R19 91Y91YCall for price
255/40R19 100Y (AO)100Y $425
255/45ZR19 100Y (N0)100Y $499
255/45R19 104Y (AO)104Y $479
255/45R19 104Y104Y Call for price
265/35ZR19 94Y (N0)94Y Call for price
285/40ZR19 103Y (N0)103Y $549
245/35R20 95Y95Y Call for price
245/40R20 99W99W Call for price
265/40R20 104Y (AO)104Y Call for price

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