Wrangler Boulder MT Tyre

Tyre Details

Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT is built for serious off-road adventures. It delivers big-time grip with extra protection to take on the toughest terrain. Big obstacles - mud, sand or rocks - mean big fun. Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT. Go Big!

  • Section Width: 32
  • Apect Ratio: 12.5
  • Rim Diameter: 17
  • Load Index: 121
  • Speed Index: Q
  • Runflat: No

Key Features

  • Big Time Grip - TractiveGroove Technology® helps keep the tyre moving through rugged terrain
  • Built Tough - Three-ply Duraply Technology™ construction offers confidence over the toughest terrains, while helping to protect against damage to sidewalls and treads
  • Bold Design - Featuring aggressive side biters to improve grip in mud, sand and on rocks
  • Big Open Tread - Large void tread design with built in stone ejectors helps off-road traction

Performance Category: Off Road 4wd Maximum Traction

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Pattern: Wrangler Boulder MT

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Available Sizes

33x12.5R15LT 108QLT108Q Call for price
33x12.5R15LT 113QLT113Q Call for price
LTLT265/75R16 123/120Q123/120Q Call for price
LTLT285/75R16 126/123Q126/123Q Call for price
32x12.5R17LT 121QLT121Q Call for price
37x12.5R17LT 124QLT124Q Call for price
LTLT265/70R17 121/118Q121/118Q Call for price
LTLT285/70R17 121/118Q121/118Q Call for price
35x12.5R18LT 123QLT123Q Call for price
LTLT275/70R18 125/122P125/122P Call for price
LTLT295/70R18 129/126P129/126P Call for price
35x12.5R20LT 125QLT125Q Call for price

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