BluEarth-GT AE51 Tyre

Tyre Details

BluEarth-GT AE51 is packed with features that deliver everything you want from a tyre. Sport Performance, Wet Braking Performance, Fuel Saving Performance, Mileage Performance and Ride Comfort. Why not step up from the basic standard tyre to the “Next Level” BluEarth-GT AE51 and experience the extra margin of safety, performance and comfort. The BluEarth-GT AE51 is already recognised by Global Car Manufacturers such as Lexus, Toyota and Mazda and has been selected as original equipment due to its high level all round performance. This All Round Performer is unbeatable value for money.

  • Section Width: 195
  • Apect Ratio: 45
  • Rim Diameter: 16
  • Load Index: 84
  • Speed Index: V
  • Runflat: No

Key Features

  • Asymmetrical Tread Pattern - Better grip, handling & comfort.
  • Lightning Grooves - Enhances wet grip performance.
  • Advanced Construction - Achieves both light weight and high durability.
  • Two-Layered Tread - Provides both high fuel economy and manoeuvrability.
  • Side Wall Profile - Reduces deformation and results in lower heat generation.
  • Unique ART Rubber Blending Technology - Improves dispersion and uniformity of silica within the compound, reducing wet braking distance.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

Enquire now

Pattern: BluEarth-GT AE51

Price: $219

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Available Sizes

185/55R16 83V83V $219
195/45R16 84V84V $219
195/50R16 88V88V $195
195/55R16 87V87V $199
205/45R16 87W87W $215
205/50R16 87W87W $199
205/55R16 94V94V $175
205/60R16 92V MA92V $179
205/60R16 96W96W Call for price
205/65R16 95H95H $209
215/45R16 90V90V $215
215/55R16 97W97W $215
215/60R16 99V99V $169
225/55R16 99W99W $219
225/60R16 98H98H $204
205/45R17 88W88W $229
205/50R17 93W93W $215
205/55R17 95V95V Call for price
215/45R17 87W87W Call for price
215/45R17 91W91W $189
215/50R17 95W95W $225
215/55R17 94V94V $189
215/55R17 98W98W Call for price
225/45R17 94W94W $199
225/50R17 98W98W $225
225/55R17 101W101W $230
235/45R17 97W97W $189
235/55R17 99W99W $265
245/40R17 91W91W Call for price
245/45R17 99W99W $240
205/40R18 86W86W $285
215/40R18 89W89W $295
215/45R18 93W93W $265
225/35R18 87W87W $339
225/40R18 92W92W $249
225/45R18 91W (GZ)91W Call for price
225/45R18 95W95W $259
225/50R18 95W95W $299
235/40R18 95W95W $215
235/45R18 94W94W $265
235/50R18 101W101W $299
245/40R18 97W97W $255
245/45R18 100W100W $249
245/50R18 100W100W $339
255/35R18 94W94W $345
255/40R18 99W99W $365
255/45R18 99W99W $299
265/35R18 97W97W $365
225/35R19 88W88W $365
225/40R19 93W93W $378
225/45R19 96W96W $419
235/35R19 91W91W $342
235/40R19 96W96W $409
235/45R19 95W95W $368
245/35R19 93W93W $332
245/40R19 98W98W $332
245/45R19 98W98W $358
255/35R19 96W96W Call for price
275/30R19 96W96W Call for price
275/35R19 100W100W $460
245/35R20 95W95W Call for price
275/30R20 97W97W Call for price

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